Sr. No. Particulars Date
1 Development/Self Evaluation Proforma by Staff / International Literacy Day 8-Aug-19
2 Staff Refresher Programme-Research & Research Projects 10-Aug-19
3 Staff Refresher Programme-Discussion/ Dividing Syllabus 11-Aug-19
4 Independence Day 15-Aug-2019(SM)
5 Distribution of Components of NAAC Acc., Activities, Time Table 21-Aug-19
6 Dushera 30-Aug-2019(KB,SA)
7 Teachers Day 5-Sep-2019(JM,RD)
8 Session Starts , Teachers must plan & Discuss their activities with the principal at least 10 days before 11-Sep-19
9 Hindi Diwas 14-Sep-2019 (HJ,NB)
10 Subject Association, NSS Day 16-Sep-2019 (ALL STAFF)
11 Handwriting Competition (H,E,P)/Diagnose test and handwriting 17-Sep-2019 (NB,SM,HSC)
12 Workshop on English Speaking (Extension Lecture/CD) 18 to 09 Sep -2019 (SM)
13 Notice/Magazine 26-Sep-201
NB(Hin.), HSC(Pbi.), SM(Eng)
14 Diagnostic Tests-H,E,P, remedial classes 26-Sep-2019 (HM,HSC)
15 Shaheed Bhagat Singh Birthday – Patriotic Song Competition 27-Sep-2019 (RP,SS)
16 Library Day 29-Sep-2019 (KI)
17 Orientation Stimulus Variation Skill & BB Writing Skill 30-Sept-2019 (RPA, PM,HM,)
18 Lal Bahadur Shastri Day 2-Oct-2019 (RD,SS)
19 1 day NSS Camp & B’Day of M.Gandhi 2-Oct-2019(VG,H)
20 Balmiki Jayanti 5-OCT-2019(HJ,SS)
21 Hawan Training, Mantras, CD-Mantras, National Blood Donation Day-Eye Donation 6-Oct-19
22 Handwriting Improvement (Lect. & Campaign ) 7-Oct-2019(HM & (ALL STAFF))
23 Parents Day 8-Oct-2019(H,SS,RP)
24 1st House Test 10 to 22 Oct-2019 (SM), (VG-Sheets)
25 Diwali 30-OCT-2019(HJ,RP)
26 Punjab Day (Folk Song/Geet/Gazal/Giddha) 1-Nov-2019 (HSC,HM)
27 World Handicap Day- Visit to Andh Vidyalaya /Laws 3-Nov-2019(VG & ALL STAFF)
28 Honour Students with more than 90% lectures & Toppers in House Exams 4-Nov-2019(RPA )
29 Lecture – Vegetarianism & Balance Diet, Birthday Major Surinder Parsad 5-Nov-2019(RPA & H)
30 Exhibition of Teaching Aids, Workshop For Teaching Aids 6- Nov-2019 (HM)
31 Teaching Practice 4 to 13-Nov- 2019 (ALL STAFF)
32 Diabetes Cure 12-Nov-2019(HJ)
33 Van Mahotsava / Tree Plantation 15-Nov-2019(H)
34 B’Day Jhansi Ki Rani 16-Nov-2019(NB & SD)
35 Model Lessons 17-Nov-2019 (ALL STAFF)
36 No Drugs(Message & Pledge) 18-Nov-2019(H)
37 National Integration Day – Patriotic Song 19-Nov-2019(SM)
38 Anti-feticide Day (Seminar, Poem Recitation) 20-Nov-2019(PM,KI)
39 Discussion Lessons & Listing Final Lesson 21-Nov-2019(ALL STAFF)
40 World Aid Day, Red Ribbon Club 1-Dec-2019(H)
41 Feedback Proforma 3-Dec-2019(SM)
42 Environment Day, Shaheed Udham Singh ,Swami Shradhanand 5-Dec-2019(H & HM),(SA)
43 Computer Camp, NSS 7 Days Camp/Yoga Shivir/English Speaking, Personality Development Camp Winter Break(VG,H,SM)
44 I st Aid Training NSS CAMP(HM)
45 Shahidi Divas L.B. Shastri 10-Jan-2020(SM)
46 B.D.Kailash Satyarthi as Human Rights of Childern Day 11-Jan-2020(SA)
47 National Youth Day ( Swami Vivekananda Birthday) 12-Jan-2020(NB,PM)
48 Lohri (Decoration Contest & Cultural Programme) 13-Jan-2020(HSC)
49 Library Question Competition & Math Quiz 17-Jan-2020(VG & KI)
50 Computer Hardware Camp, Maharana Pratap Jayanti 18-Jan-2020(SS)
51 Faculty & Students Exchange Programme 16 to 23-Jan-2020(RPA)
52 Netaji Subhash Chander Bose Day 19-Jan-2020 (HSC,RP)
53 Dayanand Jayanti 21-Jan-2020 (NB)
54 Republic Day 26-Jan-2020 (NB,HM)
55 Basant Panchmi, Birthday Lala Lajpat Rai 28-Jan (KB,JM)
56 International Old People Day, Quiz on B.Ed. & D.EL.ED Syllabus 1-Feb-20
57 Press Conference (for students) 2-Feb-2020 (RPA, PM,SM)
58 A discussion on ‘Teacher in 21st Century’ 5-Feb-2020(RPA)
59 Inter-Sadan Games & Athletic Meet 6 to10-Feb-2020 (ALL STAFF)
60 Guru Ravi Dass Jayanti 10- Feb-2020 (HJ)
61 Picnic/Visit to places of Educational Interest 12-Feb-2020 (VG,PM,SM,H)
62 Declamation Contest ‘How to Maintain Discipline in Schools’ & Discussion 16-Feb-2020 (SM,NB)
63 Dayanand Jayanti & Moral Education Exams. 27-Feb-2020 (HSC,KI)
64 Visit to Centers of Matri Chhaya 28-Feb-2020 (RP,SS)
65 Rishi Bodh Utsav (Bhajan Compet.) 1-Mar-2020(NB,RD)
66 Workshop on Teaching through Computers 2-Mar-2020(SS)
67 Developing New Talent/Paper Reading 4-Mar-2020(ALL STAFF)
68 Women Day – Prohibition Day 8-Mar-2020(JM, NB,HM)
69 Holi 13-Mar-2020(HSC)
70 Shiva Ji Jayanti 15-Mar-2020(HJ,JM)
71 Einstein’s Birthday ,Science Activity 16-Mar-2020 (KB,HSC)
72 World Forest Day(Plant Trees) 21-Mar-2020(H)
73 World Save Day 22-Mar-2020(H)
74 House Test 16 to 25-Mar-2020
75 Feedback on Answerbooks & Practicals (A week after Exam) ALL STAFF
76 Bhagat Singh’s Martyrdom Day (Patriotic Song Comp.) 23-Mar-2020(SA,JM)
77 II Make-up Test / Quiz Education News / Quiz on Science/SS I,II,II 24 to 28-Apr-2020
78 Preparing for Interview 1-Apr-2020(RPA)
79 Mock Interview / World Health Day (NSS) 2-Apr-2020(HJ,RP)
80 Ram Navami 5-APR-2020(HJ,SS)
81 Baisakhi 13-APR-2020(HSC,RD)
82 Ambedkar Jayanti 14-APR-2020(KB,SA)
83 Earth Day 22-Apr-2020(SM,KB)
84 Reg. Alumni/Regd. Graduates/Placement 23-Apr-2020(KI,HJ)
85 Anti Terrorist Day / World Anti Tobacco Day (NSS) 23-Apr-2020(H,SM)
86 Soordas Day-Inspiration for secially abled 30-Apr-2020 (VG)
87 Rabinder Nath Tagore Jayanti 7-MAY-2020 (JM,SA)
88 Maharana Partap Jayanti 20-MAY-2020 (HJ,H)
89 Anti Tabaccoo Day 25-May-2020(H,SM)
90 Birthday of Bismil 11-June-2020(HSC)
91 World Blood Donor Day 14-June-2020(H)
92 World Combat Desertification 17-June-2020 (H)
93 International Yoga Day 21-june-2020(H)
94 Chander Sekhar Ajad Birthday 23-July-2020(HJ,SS)
96 Martyrdom of Sardar Udham Singh, Munshi Premchand 31-July-2020 (HSC,PM)
97 Martyrdom of Madan Lal Dhingra 17-Aug-2020 (HSC)
98 Rakhi 7-Aug-2020 (NB,RD)