Rules & Regulation

This college is yours which is the image of your behaviour, personality and character. So it is your responsibility to make prestige and glory of college. The college principal and all lectures will guide you to solve your problems time to time. We expect to you to obey the rules and regulations of the college. The main guidelines are gives below:
  1. Discipline is the first preference of the college administration.
  2. Indiscipline, misbehaviour and violence is not allowed in college campus. In this case principal has all rights for any punishment of him / her.
  3. Your behaviour should be respectable with the principal and college staff.
  4. Smoking or use of any drug is strictly prohibited in college campus. In any case, he / she may be rusticating for college.
  5. Writing or pasting the posters on the walls, main door or in the room or any other place in the college campus is totally prohibited.
  6. All apparatus will be used with due care in the laboratory. In the case of any breakage teacher trainee are responsible for compensation.
  7. Teacher trainee should keep identity card with them at all time in the campus.
  8. All important news and information will be written on notice board so keep watching notice board regularly.
  9. Bicycle and other vehicles should be parking in proper place.
  10. According to university regulations cheating in exams in punishable crime. So, do not cheat in exams.
  11. Ragging in strictly prohibited.
  12. B.Ed. and B.S.T.C. are full time courses. So job is not being permittable.
  13. 100% presence compulsory in all practical works of B.Ed. and BSTC in any case of absence in practical work he / she will be responsible himself / herself.
  14. There will be no maternity leave allowed for any teacher trainee.
  15. It is expected to participate in curricular and co-curricular activities organised in college.
  16. It is strictly prohibited to use mobile phone in college campus otherwise it will be sized.
  17. All trainees will come to college prescribed uniform. If any trainee will not come in college uniform, he / she will pay fine with clarification of reason.

Attendance Rules

Minimum 75% attendance is required for professional courses according to NCTE rules and regulation and the order of Honorable High Court, Rajasthan Dec, 1995. So minimum 75% attendance is compulsory for all trainees in all subjects.

If attendance is less, then 75% then trainees may be forbid for university exams. Presence of trainees is compulsory on these days-

  1. 15 August (Independence Day)
  2. 26 January (Republic Day)
  3. 5 September (Teacher Day)
  4. All occasions, programs and other co-curricular actives held in college campus.
  5. During teaching, proactive and practical's.
  6. Any trainee will not absent without permission.
  7. Any trainee who is absent for 10 days without permission or without any information will be rusticated form college. If principal is satisfied with his clarification, then he will readmit in the college. But there will be only one change for it and fine will be charged for that period.
  8. It is compulsory for every student to attend prayer and all teaching periods.

Library Rules

  1. Reader's card would be given to every student for library and this compulsory to use it.
  2. In case of missing & the card student can take card after paying the fees.
  3. All issued book should be returned timely and safely.
  4. Personal belongings can not be permitted in library.
  5. Discipline is must in the library.
  6. Books from library will be issued to each student in the beginning of the session which will be returned in good condition be the end of the session.
  7. If any book is of greet demand, then it will be issued to student turn by turn.
  8. In other to solve the problem regarding to library then make a concern with librarian.

Hostel rules

  1. Hostel management committee will give the admission to student in hostel according to rules.
  2. Hostel is only for residential purpose.
  3. Rooms and seats are allotted to students according to admission priority.
  4. Every hosteller has to provide the list of meeting person with father / husband signature.
  5. Heater, press or other electrical equipment are not allowed in hostel.
  6. Food would be taken in dinning room in hostel. In own room the food preparation is not allowed.
  7. Students are self responsible for their good safety in hostel.
  8. Student friends / known are not allowed to stay in hostel.
  9. This is compulsory to follow the hostel rules and regulations for all students.

Conveyance rules

  1. Conveyance charges will be deposited in advance.
  2. In the case of late fee students will be fined as college rules.
  3. Student will have to reach at his bus stop five minute before bus timing.
  4. Student will have to maintain discipline in the bus.


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